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To whom it may concern, 

Whatever a person's position in life the harrowing financial and emotional issues surrounding family conflict or changes can be functionally paralyzing. In my personal situation I was seeking legal representation that would aggressively advocate for my rights while compassionately navigating me through the narrows of the complex legal process. I was so fortunate to have my search result in locating Barbara Fuqua and her legal team to assist me in achieving a successful timely conclusion to my trying circumstances. 

As a result, when dealing with any type of family legal issue, I highly recommend Barbara Fuqua of the Fuqua Law Firm as a steadfast professional partner in assuring fair and timely completion of any sensitive proceeding. 
Thank you so much Barbara and her supportive staff.

     -  Donald J. Houde, Chief Information Officer


Barbara Fuqua has twice represented me, both times with results in my favor. Her candor and sensitivity to my situation were greatly appreciated. The first time I hired Barbara as my attorney, it was for a custody case, which was taken care of promptly and professionally. The second time I hired Barbara was a couple of years later for my divorce. Once again Barbara's enthusiasm and genuine caring were a great relief to my family and I. We knew we were in good hand from day one, and would not hesitate to use her services again. Thank you Barbara, for everything.    

Sincerely - Teighlor Chin

I am writing this letter to show our deepest gratitude for the wonderful work that Barbara did on our custody case. My husband and I were in a very long and stressful custody case with the Mother of my step-daughter. From the beginning Barbara was 100% with us on this case. She devoted her time and efforts to achieve our goal in doing what was best for my step-daughter. Barbara was always accessible to answer our questions and address our concerns which was wonderful. I would highly recommend Barbara Fuqua with no reservations to any of my family or friends who needed a caring and very professional attorney. We will forever be grateful for Barbara in helping us to give my step-daughter the security and life that she deserves.

    - Leo and Renee Rogel​

To whom it may concern

Last summer Barbara Fuqua (From Fuqua Law Firm) represented me in a very crucial case.  This was very important custody case regarding my children.  My ex-wife was attempting a move out of state for her husbands work with my kids. This would have eliminated my joint custody which I did not want to happen at any cost! I set up a consultation and found that they were very familiar with cases that were similar to mine. I also found out that Barbara was well versed in family law and was a good fit for my case.  Shortly after we went to court and Barbara was very prepared and organized. She presented my case well. She was professional yet was aggressive enough to win my case, and prevent my kids from moving out of state.  This was priceless because of the fact that I can't imagine what this past year would have been like with out my kids in my life! We have taken several vacations, I've watched my kids Christmas programs, helped them with their homework, met them at school for lunches and even was head coach for my sons baseball this spring. NONE of this would have been possible with out this monumental win in court!

If there is ever a need for additional legal council on any more family issues there is no looking around for a good law firm for me. I have one, and I make just one call to Barbara. I'd recommend Fuqua Law Firm and Barbara Fuqua to any one that needed a family law lawyer! 

    Sincerely,  Brendan Waller​

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